Intelligent Consulting for Intelligent Systems

At Logical Robotics, we believe that robots should do more than mechanically execute programs just like, well, robots; instead, robots should be instructable, explainable, social, and informative. You should be able to tell robots what you want in natural language, and the robot should be able to explain how it’s going to achieve what you asked back to you in the same language. Robots should do what we ask while respecting other humans in the environment, and should report back to us in language what they did.

All these things are becoming possible with the merger of advanced robotic systems, deep reinforcement learning, and large language models. With our founder’s twenty-five years of experience in developing robotic systems, refining their skills, and benchmarking their performance, including award-winning work in long-range robotic navigation, Logical Robotics is uniquely positioned to help you develop robotic systems that exceed your expectations.